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Wedding Photographers in Agra – Picsaura Studio does Premium Wedding Photography in which we do a little magic in your Elite Weddings, Theme Pre-Wedding & Pre Wedding Shoots. Nurtured with love and creativity, we will give you the most innovative and stylish concepts on your most precious day, we are the Best Photographers in Agra working in the belief that photos are one of the permanent reminders of your biggest day. We preserve every story in stunning and timeless pictures and films. During Wedding Photography, Picsaura Studio always believes in delivering high-quality Candid Photography, Pre Wedding Photography clicked by our supremely talented Pre Wedding Photographers with artistic Cinematic Wedding Highlight. We specialized in all types of Wedding photography, Pre-wedding shoots, Candid Wedding shoots, Concept/Theme based weddings, Destination Weddings, Model Photoshoot, Baby photoshoots & Kids photoshoots, and Maternity photoshoots in Agra, etc.

Our Wedding Photography Services

best candid wedding photography

Candid Wedding Photography In Agra

Candid Wedding Photographers in Agra – Picsaura Studio believes that your wedding should be a self-spoken piece of art that tells a story of love for decades, so get your precious moments captured by the Best Candid Photography team in Agra, India. During Indian weddings, we can find amazing food, many guests, superb decorations, mesmerizing beauty, and great emotions, thus our highly skilled & experienced professional Candid Photographers produce brilliant portraits and images with a sense of realism. Indian weddings and marriages are usually like a festival and often very detailed, hence Picsaura Studio tries to capture each Candid Photograph of Wedding Photography a story in itself so that our clients can cherish these memories for years to come.

Pre Wedding Photography In Agra

Pre Wedding Photographers in Agra – Picsaura Studio holds a unique position in all photography departments in Agra. To be honest, a pre-wedding photoshoot in Agra is totally different and more awesome, and much harder than Wedding Photography Shoot. Pre Wedding Candid Shots during Pre Wedding Photography require more detailing, intimacy, extraordinary venue, photogenic background, and classic editing to bring out a Wow Factor during Couple Photography Shoot. Pre Wedding in Agra mostly depends upon the theme, location, background, props, and chemistry between the couples in which our professional photographers are unbeatable; our quality is that we make our clients feel calm and composed as we make a very healthy and friendly environment with Wedding Couples so that both bride and groom don’t hesitate while shooting.

photoshoot prewedding / prewedding video shoot
best destination wedding photographer

Destination Wedding Photographers In Agra

Best Destination Wedding Photographers in Agra – Our best candid photographers just love to cover destination weddings and we serve clients all across the globe. Agra also is a dream place for all the foreign & elite clients for wedding & pre-wedding shoots. Our destination wedding photography team can travel all over India where the cost of travel, food & decent accommodation has to bear by the client. During Destination Wedding Shoot our team gets more energy as all the family members are under one roof, so our responsibility increases much higher which our Photography Team handles more passionately. Our Destination Photographers during this type of wedding shoot bring more life to each Shot. Destination Wedding Cinematic Teaser shot by us, always gives a fresh feeling & pleasure, even if anyone sees it after years.

Photography at Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a glorious ivory white landmark that is a symbol of true love. What else would be a mysterious Pre-wedding shoot destination than that? It is a fantasy of every wedding couple to do a pre-wedding shoot at Taj Mahal
If you want to start a new journey of married life by having a
pre-wedding shoot at the epitome of love, the Taj Mahal or Even if you looking to have some heartfelt photoshoot for a lifetime, there could be no more excellent spot than the Taj Mahal. Experience with Picsaura this pre-wedding shoot-cum-tour with us and take away all the beautiful pictures-cum-memories to feature the world how love truly affects you.
best taj mahal photography by picsaura studio

Cinematic Wedding Films In Agra

Being the Top Wedding Photographers in Agra, India, we shoot Wedding Videos in 4k resolution. It is our priority to develop the Best Wedding Highlights of our client where the wedding teaser can narrate the whole Wedding ceremony including all the events in the most romantic and inspiring way through a Cinematic Wedding Video. Picsaura’s Cinematic Wedding Videographers, over the years, have developed plenty of ways to capture the most romantic shots of couples via Cinematic Shoot and also take every single second of your wedding to make your grand day an affair to remember lifelong, with the beautiful blend of emotions, moments, and feelings. Wedding Teaser, we craft in such a way by our supremely talented professionals that it looks not less than a Bollywood Film Song full of love and emotions.

Best Videographer in Agra

Weddings do not fit neatly into a box. So we don’t make boxes, we create wedding films. We are the best Videography studio; we take you into a deeper experience through the beauty of time lapse and our creative video shoot. We are also available for the various events and celebrations which are important for covering all the events.  We capture all events and use those moments in our final compiled video. We also have a knowledgeable team of wedding videographers in Agra. The professional photographer and videographers in agra will steal the very joyful and happy moments in their cameras to offer you the best captured moments. Our Wedding Videographers not only records beautiful shots, but also develops and orchestrates wedding films.
The foremost popular sort of videography i.e. wedding cinematography combines the art of storytelling and capturing a video in more creative manner using latest equipments. These data will bring breathtaking Wedding Highlights & Wedding Teaser.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Uses advanced photography equipments to deliver best pictures.
  • Possess high technical skills and knows how to use different equipments efficiently.
  • Prepare lights, flashes and props needed for capturing great photos.
  • Able to click different types of picture including natural, romantic, portraits, boudoir and photo journalistic photographs.
  • Chooses perfect background and location for shooting amazing photos.
  • Captures photos from different angles to provide you with the best images.
  • We are friendly, reliable, punctual and highly professional team.
  • Able to provide you with reprints, special shoots, albums whenever necessary.
  • Handles the process and editing photos to offer great photographs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the specialization of wedding photography of Picsaura Studio?
The team of Picsaura Studio, usually keep in mind that “Preparation is the Key” for Wedding photography. With aesthetically pleasing vision, we have a unique style of blending innovative concepts in wedding candid photography and cinematic films by using creative lighting techniques, compositions, chemistry, perspectives, and post-production skills to bring out the finest results.
Do you provide videography services for the whole wedding events and related events?
Yes, in two parts we provide the video of the wedding event. One video contains Wedding Teaser/Highlight and detailed long video film as per the number of events. You may visit our YouTube channel to check out the videos at Picsaura Studio’s YouTube channel.
Do you offer customized packages for weddings as per the requirements?
Yes, as per the requirements our package varies, that’s why we have designed exclusive packages for our clients. Our packages are generally based on the number of events to be covered, cinematography, candid photography, traditional videography, traditional photography and album. Our rates are also very competitive based on market research.
Do you deliver all raw photos that are captured during the whole wedding events?
No, we filter the by eliminating test shots, missed focused shots, shots with poor & improper expressions, duplicate images, etc before delivering to the client.
How you ensure your clients to deliver best quality result in each wedding?
We have a grand team of professional photographers who are expert in their own genres. We always take many shots during the whole process so that our post-production team always gets huge data by which our skilled editors through their artistic vision bring out the high definition picture quality by enhancing the colors and same for wedding teaser.
How many photographers and videographers come to cover the event?
The team size of photographers and videographers depends upon the expected number of guests who will join the event. We never compromise the quality of shoot, thus our owner Er. Shantanu Chakraborty by himself dedicatedly keeps an eye on each event and accordingly decides the team size.
Are your cameras and equipment updated with time?
To give high quality results it is very much essential that our camera and equipment have to be the best that’s why we always purchase latest version equipment, system, lenses, and cameras to produce best results.
Do you provide best quality album to your clients?
Yes, album is a lifelong cherishable asset of any wedding, thus we provide premium quality album only after verifying with our clients we develop premium album with latest design and good quality of sheets based on the client budget to ensure higher end satisfaction.
What is the quality of your album?
Our highly talented professionals produce beautiful sequence that depicts a wonderful love story with extraordinary designs. We are committed deliver the feel of eternity through wedding albums, calendar, canvas print, table tops, play cards and more.
Do you provide all the video footage captured throughout the wedding events?
Yes, we provide all raw data to our clients if they demand for it apart from the wedding teaser and detailed long video of each event.
How many days in advance should we book your studio before our wedding day?
Wedding photography business is purely a seasonal business in India. As in very few days whole wedding events took place, so to avoid the last days hassle, we recommend our clients to book us at least a month prior to your wedding day and can book us even 6 months before wedding because it takes time to fit the best person at the right place, means assigning duties and planning accordingly, needs time.

What are the different services provided by Picsaura Studio

Traditional Photography – Traditional Wedding Photography includes taking photos of the members of the wedding by setting up poses or by taking simple photos of the occasions. Our Wedding photographer will train you to sit in a specific place, stand against a specific background or pose in group pictures.

Candid Photography – Candid photography is a new and refreshing take on wedding photography. Candid photography is one of the stylish ways to catch natural feelings in any event. These days, brides, grooms, and their families generally don’t prefer posing for wedding photographs. Rather, they want candid wedding photoshoots which show all their feelings and happiness beautifully.

Bridal Portraits – The trend of clicking unique bridal portrait are getting a fury these days as it the stylish way to catching the definitive beauty of a bride on her big day.

Cinematic Photography – A Cinematic wedding film is telling a story. We do this through a mixture of speeches, images, and music. The film is shot differently as the Cinematographer will shoot in high-quality short clips. This is because we do the shot to tell a story, not simply archive each and every moment of the day.

Aerial/Drone Videography – Drone Videography will bring another viewpoint to your big day, not like your normal wedding photographer can achieve. The capacity to film everything you might do as you leave your home, capture your romantic perambulation along with Agra’s most iconic destination.

Albums – Each of our wedding ceremony photos designed primarily based totally to your tale so the final result is exactly as you’ve predicted it. Take benefit of unlimited variations and our optional Photo Selection Service to assist select the moments that mean the most when filtring through thousands of images.

Pre-wedding Photography –  A pre-wedding shoot is a session where you book with your photographer a few months before the marriage. You can include these images in a reception and wedding slideshow which highlights your story or you can use it in your wedding invitation cards. You can make your pre-wedding totally unique as you wish.

Pre-wedding Videography – A pre-wedding videography is additionally a chance for yourself and for us to fabricate a bond. Thus, you will become familiar with our shooting style and sufficiently certain to cheerfully think back on your initial chemistry and remember that spark during a shoot.

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