An Indian wedding isn’t just an event; it is a pool of mixed feelings! The wedding planning that leads up to the wedding week, the event management, the happiness of getting all the family together – every Indian wedding experiences this beautiful pandemonium! But the one person that feels this the most is the bride. And this #dulhanwalifeeling with all the emotions, sentiments and ups and downs is perfectly captured by Alia in the latest campaign by Mohey! Don’t believe us? Keep reading (and watching!)

On her wedding day, every bride goes through a myriad of emotions. There is excitement because of the wedding and the marriage that you are looking forward to, sadness to leave a home and family and also these mixed feelings on how to handle all this amidst the wedding chaos! A bride goes through a seesaw of feelings that sometimes is inexplicable. Mohey by Manyavar depicts this exact feeling with their new and brilliant campaign with Alia Bhatt. As she gets ready to tie the knot, she tries to word her feelings by marking the countdown to her wedding and recounting old days with her sister.

You will immediately relate it to the getting-ready time that you have with your bridesmaids and sisters – pulling each other’s legs, screaming at her for forgetting something and yet have a lump in your throat when she adjusts the dupatta drape like it is her own lehenga! An Indian bride experiences a whirlwind of emotions that she translates to #seesawwalifeeling. A feeling that Alia Bhatt has managed to showcase so well through this lovely campaign.