A quick look at some of our images and deets on how we got the shot

Creating beautiful and everlasting images for our couples and families is what we do. No matter what the situation or circumstance, it is THE job. Whether it’s a ritual we’ve shot a hundred times before like the chooda ceremony, haldi or the baraat or an emotional moment like the vidaai where we have to be extremely sensitive while taking a photograph, no matter the situation, it’s on us to create distinctive images every time. It’s the perspective of the photographer that makes the mundane extraordinary.

Even when you get a gorgeous location or a grand entry with fireworks, you have to be at the right place and the right time with the right camera and settings to get that shot.

And if we know one thing about Indian weddings, it’s that things are often chaotic and unpredictable. How we get that perfect image is through a presence of mind, a good knowledge of our cameras and the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations. In one of our previous posts, we took you behind the scenes of some of our images and spoke about what we did to get the final result. In this post, we are going to do the same. We will talk about a few of the images we have captured over the past few months and tell you how we got there..

Starry Entry

Paayal and Samir made a point to enter big in all of their wedding functions, but this one on their reception night took the cake! We knew there would be fireworks because as all good wedding photographers should, we already had a discussion with the wedding planners and the couple beforehand to know about any big planned moments. But the key was to get the fireworks, the people and the dancing couple all together in one frame at the right moment. We waited until Paayal and Samir had passed all the fireworks so that it would make for a fantastic background and not distract from the couple. And then it was just a matter of getting the right expressions in the frame.