Frequently Asked Questions

The team of Picsaura Studio, usually keep in mind that “Preparation is the Key” for Wedding photography. With aesthetically pleasing vision, we have a unique style of blending innovative concepts in wedding candid photography and cinematic films by using creative lighting techniques, compositions, chemistry, perspectives, and post-production skills to bring out the finest results.

Yes, in two parts we provide the video of the wedding event. One video contains Wedding Teaser/Highlight and detailed long video film as per the number of events. You may visit our YouTube channel to check out the videos at Picsaura Studio’s YouTube channel.

Yes, as per the requirements our package varies, that’s why we have designed exclusive packages for our clients. Our packages are generally based on the number of events to be covered, cinematography, candid photography, traditional videography, traditional photography and album. Our rates are also very competitive based on market research.

No, we filter the by eliminating test shots, missed focused shots, shots with poor & improper expressions, duplicate images, etc before delivering to the client.

We have a grand team of professional photographers who are expert in their own genres. We always take many shots during the whole process so that our post-production team always gets huge data by which our skilled editors through their artistic vision bring out the high definition picture quality by enhancing the colors and same for wedding teaser.

The team size of photographers and videographers depends upon the expected number of guests who will join the event. We never compromise the quality of shoot, thus our owner Er. Shantanu Chakraborty by himself dedicatedly keeps an eye on each event and accordingly decides the team size.

To give high quality results it is very much essential that our camera and equipments have to be the best that’s why we always purchase latest version equipments, system, lenses, and cameras to produce best results

Yes, album is a lifelong cherishable asset of any wedding, thus we provide premium quality album only after verifying with our clients we develop premium album with latest design and good quality of sheets based on the client budget to ensure higher end satisfaction.

Our highly talented professionals produce beautiful sequence that depicts a wonderful love story with extraordinary designs. We are committed deliver the feel of eternity through wedding albums, calendar, canvas print, table tops, play cards and more.

Yes, we provide all raw data to our clients if they demand for it apart from the wedding teaser and detailed long video of each event.

Wedding photography business is purely a seasonal business in India. As in very few days whole wedding events took place, so to avoid the last days hassle, we recommend our clients to book us at least a month prior to your wedding day and can book us even 6 months before wedding because it takes time to fit the best person at the right place, means assigning duties and planning accordingly, needs time.